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Our Review of SpeedZen.com

#1 Rated Subliminal Site

Overall Effectiveness 99%

Listening Experience 99%

Pricing 84%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 100%

Although we found Speedzen’s prices to be a little bit higher than the competitors, they more than made up for it with their quality and effectiveness.

Each subliminal album was a delight to listen to, with unique music and a warm, relaxing vibe. Speedzen’s subliminal albums even contain something none of the other top 3 sites had: powerful brainwave entrainment tones embedded into the music. According to Speedzen these binaural beats allow the listener to enter a very deep meditative trance while listening, which is why their subliminal messages act so quickly on the subconscious.

All of our test users reported nearly immediate changes in negative moods and bad habits after only one or two sessions. And more profound results in the removal of bad habits within as little as one week of daily listening.

Another unique aspect of Speedzen’s subliminal albums that placed them at the top of our chart is the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques used in their subliminal scripts.

While others focus on repeating simple affirmations until they sink into your subconscious mind and eventually become new beliefs, Speedzen goes above and beyond with full subliminal hypnosis sessions designed to root out the negative beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with new and empowering beliefs and attitudes.

We won’t go into all the technical details here, but you can discover more about this process on their website.

Bottom line: Even though they cost a little bit more ($19.95/CD and $16.95/MP3), you really do get what you pay for in this case. At the time of writing Speedzen.com has, without a doubt, the best subliminal cds available online.

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Speedzen Subliminals
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 7 reviews
by Dennis on Speedzen Subliminals
Lucid Dreaming

This is my second review, I was the one who had the dream about the American President and Premier Putin...What happened a month later was awesome! I wanted to Lucid dream and I had a few of them, since owning this cd. But something else happened I wasn't expecting, it opened me up in the early morning hours to see two entities coming from the direction of my master bedroom closet. I spoke to her but it was coming from my mind (Telepathy) of sorts. I ask what she was doing, she turned around while holding my diamond medallion and said, ssh! Go back to sleep! She appeared several times in the wee morning hours. I asked her name and the thought flashed in front of my third eye she calls herself Semjase! She was interested in the late Dr. Fred Bell's Nuclear Receptor I had hanging off my dresser knob. Then about the third morning around the same time another woman appeared with her as I was trying to get a good look at them, they started to giggle and both left like a white swoosh across the room. The following day after that Semjase sat down on the end of my bed and physically touched me and told me it is time to wake up and I argued with her and told her no! I want to sleep in for a bit. She then tapped me on my head (Physical) sensation for sure, and told me time to get up, I then quickly sat up and there was no one there! The next morning the second female showed up at my doorway and he spoke to me telepathically and she had a little boy by her side both dressed in pure white. As she was communicating with me, the little boy looked up and said, he can hear us and see us and understand us! He began to telepathically talk with me at the same time the mother was! I told them slow down I am not use to this psychic communication! The next day Semjase went over to my wife who was sleeping and she moved my wife's hair out of her eyes! I didn't see this, she told me what happen to her! I stopped using the Lucid dreaming cd because at the time I had no idea it was the cd that helped open my psychic centers for all these things to happen to me. They both left one morning and never came back! It took me until just about one month ago that it was the consistent use of the cd is what allowed them to communicate with me. I only listened to the cd for 2 weeks!

by FB on Speedzen Subliminals
Stop smoking

No doubt that Speedzen is the best. I bought the mp3 Stop smoking and after 2 days I really stopped. And I was smoking 2 packs a day. For the first week, when I had some cravings, I just listened the first 20 minutes of the mp3 and the cravings became less and less. After 1 week, I did not think of smoking anymore, as if I had never smoked ! It has been 8 years now since I stopped. I can be with other people who are smoking but I don't feel affected. I have tried to stop smoking with other subliminal companies but it was not working. So yes, I agree that Speedzen is not cheap products but it helped me to make savings by stopping to buy cigarettes :-)

But it is not perfect : I stopped smoking but I had cravings for food during the first month

by Dennis on Speedzen Subliminals
Lucid Dreaming

I have ordered and received about 2 days ago the lucid dreaming cd. I listened to it last night by early morning I have this very unusual dream going on. I was with President Trump then later Premier Putin. I found myself in front of the President and I saw him pull out a sharpened edge of a round thick chisel. He had a hammer in his other hand! He didn't say why but he squinted and said to himself I can do this and with one hammer blow to the chisel it broke open his ankle. If that were enough he was going to do it again and he cut through the bone and cartilage and down dropped his ankle attached with it his foot. Then I found myself in Front of Premier Putin we were either in some hospital setting or something else it was a busy building. He showed me his Judo handbook he used to be blackbelt! So I was paging through it then all the sudden he told me look and he pulled up his shirt to show me his scar and I pulled up my t-shirt and showed him the recent bellybutton hernia I had operated on this path month.

Then I realized after waking up, my subconscious allowed me to access my beta information so I could recognize I was dreaming but I did catch on. I got one more our tomorrow then I will start three one hour session mon-tue-wed of next week. Can't wait to see what the subconscious does next.

by Matilda Azzara on Speedzen Subliminals
Positive Thinking

I have ordered many CDs from SpeedZen...they have changed my life for the better. I made a mistake on one of my orders and they changed it for me. They are terrific!

by walter campbell on Speedzen Subliminals
attract wealth

it is as though i dont fear poverty anymore; but can feel a sense of creative power in me that will be my supply, independant of any outside source.i now feel worthy and i know that NOTHING CAN STAND BETWEEN ME AND WHAT THE UNIVERSE INTENDED ME TO HAVE.

by P. Cartagena on Speedzen Subliminals
Great Base for Anything you're passionate about

For starters, I have to say Im a big fan of anything self-betterment related and since around end of 2012 Ive been really putting in a serious effort to building myself as a better, more complete human being. As far as Speedzen goes i have to say, i bought one CD for Unstoppable Confidence to test the waters and the energy and growth in my attitude was immediately noticeable. This being said i created a quick dependency on the programs, bought a few, and used them all in a lopsided manner, and after a while i felt i was getting nowhere. This led me to just focus on my life plans and goals, and hear two of them in succession (Pick up, sexual confidence) before bed at night time. I have to say, though its no miracle pill, it gives you a very focused feel and calmer disposition on whatever it is your hearing, in my case pick up and dating. Its not an end all self betterment tool that makes it unnecessary to practice your trade, but more of an accesory that makes your path there quicker and more natural. To anybody who is serious about some subject and wants that extra push to help the reach their goal they are the best product Ive used of its sort. Relaxing and effective, Very good product!

by L. Schiller on Speedzen Subliminals
this cd really surprised me! :-)

I bought this cd thinking it wouldn't really do much but I had bought the same company's cd called grow your small business/become a better entrepanuer and in three days I had more clients so I thought I might try it. I was on a dating website for a year and hadn't had any results with the guys I was meeting. Since using this cd I've been talking to a really nice gentleman on that dating website for six months straight! Didn't think that would happen. I was engaged to someone in the past they came back into my life and I've met a third guy that I hadn't known before (had any relationships with) so this cd does work. It did make more people attracted to me :-) The reason I'm only giving it four stars and not five is it brought the guys into my life but I'm still having to figure out who the right guy is from the three! :-) I've had more female friends ask me for girls night outs too. If I do get a marriage proposal like the cd is intented for... I'll leave another review and let you know. God bless and good luck if you try this!