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BestSubliminalCDs.com is a free project we’ve put together in our spare time to provide unbiased and objective reviews of several online subliminal audio companies.

We do not accept payments for our reviews from any of the subliminal companies reviewed on this site. Nor do we receive any compensation for sales referred from this site.

Opinions on this site are ours alone and do not reflect the views of owners of the sites reviewed. Customer reviews are left by customers of the various sites and cannot be removed at the request of the product owners just because they don’t like what the customer has to say.

We keep it real.

Nobody has begged, bribed, or paid their way onto our listings, so you can rest assured that you are getting objective third-party reviews.

If we decide in the future to add sponsored advertisements to this website to pay for hosting fees, we will only advertise non-subliminal self-help products in order to maintain objectivity in our reviews.

We understand that owners of the sites reviewed here will want to try and sway our opinions of their products and websites, providing better reviews than they’ve earned. Our response is this: if you want better reviews from your customers, improve your products and services.

That being said, if you own a subliminal CD site that we haven’t reviewed and would like us to, just contact us and let us know!

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