Speedzen Subliminals Reviews

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Our Review of SpeedZen.com

#1 Rated Subliminal Site

Overall Effectiveness 99%

Listening Experience 99%

Pricing 84%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 100%

Although we found Speedzen’s prices to be a little bit higher than the competitors, they more than made up for it with their quality and effectiveness.

Each subliminal album was a delight to listen to, with unique music and a warm, relaxing vibe. Speedzen’s subliminal albums even contain something none of the other top 3 sites had: powerful brainwave entrainment tones embedded into the music. According to Speedzen these binaural beats allow the listener to enter a very deep meditative trance while listening, which is why their subliminal messages act so quickly on the subconscious.

All of our test users reported nearly immediate changes in negative moods and bad habits after only one or two sessions. Continue reading


Sprudio Subliminals Reviews

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Our Review of Sprudio.net

#2 Rated Subliminal Site

Overall Effectiveness 92%

Listening Experience 77%

Pricing 100%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 82%

According to their website, Sprudio prides themselves on having the best customer service. While it’s true that they were prompt and courteous in their replies, they still tied with our other top three subliminal providers in this area.

What we found most appealing about Sprudio was their music: very unique, rich and soothing soundscapes whisk you away as you listen. And although their music doesn’t contain binaural beats like SpeedZen Subliminals, you will still achieve a very deep relaxation from the sheer quality of the music alone. Continue reading


Real Subliminal Reviews

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Our Review of RealSubliminal.com

#3 Rated Subliminal Site

Overall Effectiveness 90%

Listening Experience 72%

Pricing 92%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 81%

While it’s clear that Real Subliminal has the largest marketing budget out of any subliminal companies we’ve reviewed (you can see their ads almost everywhere), we think they could have invested a little more in finding quality music to go with their subliminal albums. The ocean and rainfall sounds they use aren’t unpleasant, but they certainly don’t create a sense of deep relaxation like Speedzen or Sprudio. Most of our test users preferred to simply listen to the silent tracks, and avoid the ocean sounds all together. Continue reading