Best Subliminal CDs

Finding The Best Subliminal CDs

Among the massive selection self-help tools available on the internet these days, subliminal CDs are proving to be one of the most popular. Their effectiveness is evident by the millions of satisfied users over the last decade. However, finding the right subliminal solution for you will require a bit of research.

Some of the things you will need to know are:

  • Which subliminal providers are legitimate. The subliminal market is currently flooded with fly-by-night operations trying to make a quick buck with cheap knockoffs and shoddy products.
  • Which of the real subliminal companies provide the best and fastest results.
  • Which subliminal products are in your price range.

We’ve done most of the work for you by purchasing, testing, and reviewing the top 3 proven subliminal companies. And we will continue reviewing others and adding our findings as they arise. Each company and its products will be rated first by overall effectiveness – how our test users rated the quality and speed of the results they obtained, and then by listening experience, price, etc.

We’ve left out customer service as a grading metric since all three of our top reviewed companies were tied for 1st place with their prompt and courteous customer support.

Each review page also contains a customer review section, allowing you to share your own experiences and see what others have to say about a particular subliminal product before you buy. Now you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting exactly what you need for your particular goals.

Top 3 Best Subliminal CDs

#1 SpeedZen Subliminals

Overall Effectiveness 99%

Listening Experience 99%

Pricing 84%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 100%

Each subliminal album was a delight to listen to, with unique music and a warm, relaxing vibe. Speedzen’s subliminal albums even contain something none of the other top 3 sites had…
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#2 Sprudio Subliminals

Overall Effectiveness 92%

Listening Experience 77%

Pricing 100%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 82%

The affirmations used are a mix of the standard first-person positives seen in most subliminal products, which do work, but often take longer since they don’t address the subconscious mind directly…
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#3 Real Subliminal

Overall Effectiveness 90%

Listening Experience 72%

Pricing 92%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 81%

The best thing about Real Subliminal though, is their massive selection of titles. With over 200+ subliminal albums at your disposal, you can find a CD or MP3 for any goal you can imagine…
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