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According to their website, Sprudio prides themselves on having the best customer service. While it’s true that they were prompt and courteous in their replies, they still tied with our other top three subliminal providers in this area.

What we found most appealing about Sprudio was their music: very unique, rich and soothing soundscapes whisk you away as you listen. And although their music doesn’t contain binaural beats like SpeedZen Subliminals, you will still achieve a very deep relaxation from the sheer quality of the music alone. They also offer silent subliminal tracks for those who prefer to listen while working or focusing on other tasks.

So why did they rank #2? Quite simply, the actual content of the subliminal scripts is a bit lacking, and so the overall results took longer to achieve in all of our trials as compared with SpeedZen. The affirmations used are a mix of the standard first-person positives seen in most subliminal products, which do work, but often take longer since they don’t address the subconscious mind directly or work to remove negative beliefs first.

They are, however, much more effective than RealSubliminal.com’s affirmations in that they also contain many third-person affirmations which are proven to work faster simply because they bypass the subconscious barriers more easily than first-person affirmations.

For example: The affirmation “I am feeling more and more confident every day” will eventually work, after constant repetition for weeks, only because it must first overcome the simple fact that you don’t feel confident yet, and your subconscious can’t ignore the incongruity. It’s like pushing a boulder uphill trying to convince yourself that you feel confident. You’ll eventually get there, but there’s gotta be an easier way!

On the other hand, the affirmation “People notice that I am becoming more confident” bypasses your subconscious barriers quickly, since your subconscious doesn’t have direct experience about what other people are feeling, and immediately accepts the affirmation as true.

And while these affirmations fall short of the complex NLP methods used by Speedzen, they are still more powerful than Real Subliminal’s affirmation. That fact, combined with their low prices (just $14.99/CD and $10.99/MP3), places Sprudio at #2 in overall effectiveness in all the subliminal CDs we’ve tested to date.

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