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Overall Effectiveness 90%

Listening Experience 72%

Pricing 92%

Affirmations / Subliminal Content 81%

While it’s clear that Real Subliminal has the largest marketing budget out of any subliminal companies we’ve reviewed (you can see their ads almost everywhere), we think they could have invested a little more in finding quality music to go with their subliminal albums. The ocean and rainfall sounds they use aren’t unpleasant, but they certainly don’t create a sense of deep relaxation like Speedzen or Sprudio. Most of our test users preferred to simply listen to the silent tracks, and avoid the ocean sounds all together.

As for results achieved by our test users, most reported improvement in habits and attitudes towards their chosen goals within 2-4 weeks. A full 2 weeks longer than either of our first two contestants. We believe the reason for this is the content of the affirmations themselves. As we discussed in our Sprudio review, the first-person affirmations are only effective after prolonged exposure. Whereas third-person affirmations act much faster on the subconscious mind, and the NLP methods used by SpeedZen create almost immediate results in most users.

So while Real Subliminal provides good results, they may take a little longer and cost a bit more than Sprudio at $17.97/CD and $11.97/MP3. The best thing about Real Subliminal though, is their massive selection of titles. With over 200+ subliminal albums at your disposal, you can find a CD or MP3 for any goal you can imagine. And if you can’t, they’ll make a custom one for you for a very fair price!

We still recommend Speedzen if you need fast, lasting results. But if you decide you want a custom subliminal CD made for you, Real Subliminal is the way to go.

Edit (Nov 1, 2017): It has been brought to our attention that Speedzen now offers custom subliminal sessions as well. So we definitely recommend that you go with them instead! Customer Reviews

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by Unsatified on

I purchased a cd from real subliminal and later discovered that they tried to add an extra and separate charge. I contacted them and told them that I was not happy with there attempt to get extra money, hoping I would not notice. I asked for a refund for the cd I just purchased and for the previous purchases I have made, do to the fact that they breached the trust that I put into there company. They refunded me for the one cd but they have ignored me in concerns to the other cd's all together. They give a lifetime 100% money back guaranty. But at this point they are being fraudulent in there claims and I would not trust there product because they do not back there products when someone wants there money back. If you have purchased from real subliminal go back threw your bank records and make sure that they did not add a small separate extra charge. This type of charge is a scam that we have been warned about.

by MsHusard on
Love the Ocean sounds

I have a few of the Real Subliminals now but am concentrating on the

financial group at present. I do like the ocean sounds as they are very

relaxing to have playing during the day. As I have some very deeply

rooted beliefs these will probably take some time to shift into a more

positive frame but change will come.

i also like the enormous choice available.

by Momof3 on
It's working

I've been using Real Subliminal for a couple of months now. I listened to it whenever i remembered to put it on. Then i started realizing that i was waking up during the night and figured I would put it on since the sound of water distracts my thoughts enough to relax. What I didn't expect is that i would wake up wanting to tidy up as I made my coffee or mobilize my family to cleanup more, or be more motivated to clean when I woke up (u can guess which one I bought!?)

by Jezi on

It's only been about 4 days since I bought it and started listening to it, but I noticed an almost immediate change. I don't have any idea what the affirmations are, but I am more productive and focused. I am working on things I need to work on instead of wasting time. I can't tolerate being untidy and feel compelled to check thing off my list. I am like this anyway, but now it's on crack. Maybe it's psycho-somatic, but who cares? It's working.

by Michael on
I think it was instant

i don't know about 2 weeks or 4 but in my case it happened after i listened for one time it was like instant calm feeling i think thing is about belief and expectations to work.

by sadcase on
For the Nibbler

I think this product could be very beneficial to all who choose to use it, provided sufficient time is allowed for the effect to take place.

I myself have not had it long enough yet to make a more defiant comment, my opinion just go for it.